ART OF BEING HUMAN: Unlock your charisma 

“The reason we’re successful, darling? My overall charisma, of course.” -Freddie Mercury

Program Overview:

We all know that first impression counts. But what goes beyond the first 7 seconds to building a meaningful connection and a lasting impression?

Charisma is defined as a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to attract attention and admiration. It is this elusive ability that draws people to you and the ability to effortlessly get what you want. So why is this seemingly simple skill that will get you into the better graces of your peers and boss, effective results in your sales and business, more fun in your social and romantic life, seems so unattainable?


Unlock Your Charisma is a 2.5 days program designed for the modern man and woman who is ready to break free of their shell and morph into their own power of attraction.


  • Learn the intangible charm that makes people want to follow you, be around you and be influenced by you

  • Design your personal brand archetype to create the best first impression

  • Examine the different ways to get what you want and unravel your own unique flavour of charm

  • Design and build habits to foster meaningful and long-term relationships with colleagues, clients and people in your life.

This is for the one:

  • who wants to step out of their comfort zone

  • ready to build meaningful relationship with themselves and others

  • can't wait to revamp their self image and up their charisma game!


What are you waiting for? 

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